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“…Do you not know that a little leaven leavens the whole lump of dough?” (1Cor. 5:6)

Today during breakfast, my son asked an interesting question. He asked if he had to confess his sins to his parents, or could he just confess them to God. We explained that he only had to tell God, but our curiosity was peaked so we asked what he did. He proceeded to say that he wasn’t sure if it was a sin but that he ate a piece of food that landed on the floor. He explained that it was on the floor for less than five seconds, so he wasn’t sure if that counted as being too dirty to eat. Well, we laughed and explained that it wasn’t a sin to eat off the floor. It was just gross. Then my husband said…”oh I feel a blog coming on!” So, here I…

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About Shirley Ann Washam

I am an extremely blessed, divorced mother of four AMAZING children. Above that, I am a child of God! I pray that He would use this blog to speak through me to those who are hurting and discouraged. My goal is to share whatever is given by our LORD to uplift and encourage those who, like me, are blessed beyond measure, but still sometimes find themselves struggling to find answers and need a little encouragement. If you are in need of encouragement, I pray that you find it here, in the words that He speaks through me.
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