His Promises ARE FOR YOU!!

Have you ever looked back over your life, maybe the whole thing or even only the most recent months or years, and see the unmistakable hand of our Almighty God moving and orchestrating miraculous events in your favor? If you haven’t noticed His hand working in your life… then you are just not paying attention!
I have been watching and praying so much lately. I have seen my Lord at work in so many situations. And after looking back over my life… the whole thing, I can see God’s hands all over it! It’s been there even in the messes!
There have been times when I have cried out to him, “Where ARE You?!!”, “WHY is this happening?!”. I never heard a response. I never saw Him working things out for my good. But He was. I have felt so alone; so distressed at different times in my life. But He was there. He has always been there, and He has always been working things out for my good, just like He promised that He would. He has always been putting the pieces in the right places, making a bigger and more beautiful work out of my life than I could ever have imagined.
I think that the key to being able to see Him at work in my life was realizing and really believing that His promises applied to ME! I had such a hard time believing that. It wasn’t that I doubted His faithfulness. The problem was that I doubted my worth. I didn’t believe that His promises applied to me because I am not worthy to receive them. I Know who I am inside. I know what I am. I know what personal sins that I struggle with and battle on a daily basis. I know how completely undeserving I am of any good thing that such a Holy God could offer.
After many years of this kind of thinking, I finally had a “light bulb moment”. My Heavenly Father had been speaking to me about grace and unworthiness. He was talking to me about sin and forgiveness. And finally, one day, just like that, I understood!! I understood that Grace was… IS for people just like me! It is for those of us who are unworthy and could never measure up on our own. Grace is, by definition, UNMERITED favor! IT is a GIFT that NO ONE deserves! I finally understood that God offers grace, even to ME, because of who HE is… Not because of who I am. What an amazing moment that was for me! And every day I am completely in awe of Him and His grace and His working in my life.
And you know what? That same grace that He offers to me, He offers to you as well. YOU who are unworthy. YOU who struggle daily with personal sins. YOU who could never measure up and are completely unworthy of such a HOLY God. YOU. He freely offers His grace, His mercy, His help in every circumstance you are dealing with. Even now, He is at work in your life. He is putting all the pieces in the right place to create that beautiful work that He has planned from the beginning. You may not notice Him, but He is busy in YOUR life. He is at work on YOUR behalf! One day (hopefully soon), you will look back on recent events and even long past events, and see how He was working things out for your good, even when you couldn’t hear Him or feel Him or see Him. Even when you felt alone, He was there. He is always there.
Learn to meditate on His promises and KNOW that those promises were made to you before you were born, before you sinned, before you felt unworthy. The greatest of these promises is the grace for salvation. The Bible says that While we were STILL SINNERS, Christ died for us! How awesome is that!? He never expected you and I to be perfect and sinless. He always knew what we would become, that is the very reason that He died to save us… to save us from all of that… to MAKE us worthy, through His great sacrifice for us! Once we accept Him as our personal savior, once we put our faith in Him… We are made worthy.. IN HIM!! What an AWESOME GOD!!!
Precious Heavenly Father,
We are so incredibly thankful for your love and your grace… grace that we never deserved, grace that we didn’t have to be worthy of. We are so thankful for the sacrifice that makes us worthy in Christ. We are so thankful that when you look at those who have believed in and accepted Your Son, Jesus, You see only that we are covered by Him, That we are worthy in Him, That we are YOURS because of Him. Lord, Please help us to see ourselves and others the way you see us. Help our unbelief when we doubt that your promises really are for those such as us? Help us to see Your mighty hand as you work in every situation in our lives. Father, help us to put our faith in you and to know that you are faithful and you WILL work out every single issue in our lives and it will all contribute to the greater good, the bigger picture that you are putting together for us. You are making us into the beautiful likeness of Your Son, our Savior! And everything that we go through in this life, both good and bad, is shaping us into that image. You are working EVERYTHING to that end. Thank you, Father, for your faithfulness. Thank you for the care you take in working every detail of our lives out as it fits into Your perfect plan. Thank you for the love that you give, not because of who and what we are… but because of who YOU are. Thank you, Father, for just being our very own personal God. Thank you for making us your beloved, in Christ. For it is in His precious name that we ask all these things.


About Shirley Ann Washam

I am an extremely blessed, divorced mother of four AMAZING children. Above that, I am a child of God! I pray that He would use this blog to speak through me to those who are hurting and discouraged. My goal is to share whatever is given by our LORD to uplift and encourage those who, like me, are blessed beyond measure, but still sometimes find themselves struggling to find answers and need a little encouragement. If you are in need of encouragement, I pray that you find it here, in the words that He speaks through me.
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